WHAT?! Chris Wallace Blames Republicans Of Defunding Police

On “Fox News Sunday,” Fox News anchor Chris Wallace repeatedly pointed out that Republicans are responsible for defunding the police during his interview with Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks.

Wallace claimed that since Banks and the GOP voted against the $350 billion in President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan that funds police officers that the Republicans are truly responsible for trying to defund the police. Cedric Richmond made the claim earlier on the show that Republicans were indeed responsible.

Banks did not address Wallace’s question and instead explained how police forces are having a hard time recruiting new officers due to language from the Democrats.

Wallace asked, “Can’t you make the argument that it’s you and the Republicans who are defunding the police?”

“Not at all, Chris,” Banks replied. “I mean let’s go back again and look at the last year and the record of comments that Democrats have made from Rashida Tlaib who said that policing is inherently evil.”

“No, no, no,” Wallace interjected. “Wait, sir, respectfully. Wait, wait, sir. Respectfully. I heard you make that point but I’m asking you, there’s $350 billion in this package the president says can be used for policing and I – let me put up some of the specific points he said.”

Banks said, “Chris, the point that I’m making … Chris, the point that I’m making is important.”

“Congressman Banks, let me finish,” Wallace interjected again, “and I promise I’ll give you a chance to answer.”

Wallace went on to describe the American Rescue Plan that will fund police officers to develop new technologies and summer job training programs for America’s young adults.

When Wallace gave Banks a chance to respond, Banks stated that Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar said policing is rooted in evil and that Nancy Pelosi compared police officers to Nazi storm troopers, making it difficult to recruit police officers.

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