What Could Go Wrong When YouTuber Lights Up In His Room

In celebration of Independence Day, a popular American YouTuber known as ‘iShowSpeed‘ decided to light up a Pikachu-themed firework in his bedroom, sparking a visit from his local Fire Department Speed is well known for his crazy live streams, which once got him booted out of a theme park after broadcasting his wild ride on a roller coaster. In his latest on-stream antic, the YouTuber shared his July 4th fireworks haul during a celebratory Independence Day broadcast that didn’t end particularly well.

During his stream, Speed lit up a Pikachu-shaped firework that sent sparks from the top of its head. Initially, it seemed as if it was just a simple fountain of sparkles but panic set in when the Pokemon turned up the heat. The Pikachu began spouting sparks from four different openings and even started spinning around, falling off his bed and onto the carpeted floor. In the spirit of Independence Day, popular American YouTuber ‘iShowSpeed ‘ decided to light up a Pikachu-themed firework in his bedroom, igniting bedlam that prompted a visit from his local Fire Department.

When things started going downhill, Speed cried for his Mama who was not a bit happy.

Speed and his Mama exchanged words and the house filled with smoke, prompting a visit from the local fire department. Fortunately, both Speed and his Mom are alright, although it’s unclear how much damage was done to the home. Fans are sending the streamer their best wishes following the explosive broadcast, which has already racked up nearly half a million views just over an hour after being steamed.

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