WOKE Candy Bar Commercial Condones Witchcraft And Child Abuse

This week, social media was all a buzz over a new Halloween-themed commercial for Twix candy bars that featured a cross-dressing child and witchcraft.

The advertisement depicts a little boy dressed as a princess opening his front door to discover a mysterious new nanny – a gothic-looking witch — on his doorstep. The nanny notices as several neighborhood girls inquire why the boy is dressed up when it is “not yet Halloween,” then ask if the nanny is “a good witch or a bad witch.” To which she replies, “Do you wanna find out?”

Following that, the pair is visiting a park when a larger kid begins accosting first the boy for wearing a dress then the nanny for her dark sense of style.

The young boy says, “wearing this way makes me feel happy,” but the bully is now yelling about how weird they both are.

At that moment, in a scenario that implies that violence towards kids is an appropriate response to holding a contrary opinion to transgender ideology, the nanny appears to summon a wind storm that snatches the older boy out of thin air and he disappears leaving behind only a costume cape.

At the end a Twix logo flashes on the screen and that is the extent of anything candybar related in the commercial.

Watch The full AD below:

The popular social media account Libs of Tiktok shared the ad, immediately drawing outraged responses.

Chris Buskirk, the editor of the conservative journal American Greatness, warned, “They want your children and they will stop at nothing to get them.”

Conservative pundit and blogger Samuel Sey alleged, “This ad supports two separate kinds of child abuse.”

Best-selling author J.D. Vance, who is currently running for a Senate seat in Ohio, retweeted the video, saying, “These people ruin everything.”

Finally, Southern Baptist pastor and professor Denny Burk tweeted, “So the message is this. 1. Lie to children about how God made them. 2. Anyone who opposes this lie is by definition a villain. 3. It’s funny to destroy the people who oppose the lies. I don’t do boycotts, but this one is actually making me reconsider.”

In recent years, transgender propaganda has been increasingly pervasive in corporate marketing forcing some consumers to draw a hard line in the sand for many popular businesses.

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