WW2 Bomb Accidently Gets Detonated And Leaves Several Injured

Authorities said the explosion of a World War II-era bomb shook a construction site near the train station in Munich, Germany earlier this week. The 250-kilogram (550-pound) bomb was discovered while workers were drilling.

The explosion left four people injured with one suffering from serious injuries according to the Munich fire brigade.

Germany’s Deutsche Bahn rail operator temporarily suspended all operations following the incident.

The police told commuters that there was “no danger outside of the immediate area.”

Approximately 2,000 tons of undetonated bombs from World War II are still in Germany, and construction sites are typically scanned for potential explosives prior to drilling.

Joachim Herrmann, Bavaria’s state interior minister, said the authorities’ main focus needs to be on finding out why the explosive had not been found earlier.

Official estimates are that somewhere around 15% of the explosives from World War II did not detonate and some could potentially be hidden as deeply as 20 feet underground.

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