Supreme Court Decision Could Destroy Democrats' Control

The decisive factor in the upcoming midterm elections, which will determine which party controls Congress, is just days away. However, given how tight some races are in crucial swing states like Pennsylvania, the response might not come on election night.

One of the closest races in the country is the one for the Senate between Dr. Mehmet Oz and the state's democrat lieutenant governor, John Fetterman.

According to the most recent poll conducted by Monmouth University, since September, independent support for Oz has increased from a combined 29% to 41%. Fetterman has 48% of the vote, according to the poll, which is the first to be conducted entirely following the debate between the two candidates. Oz has 44% of the vote.


Due to the closeness of the race, it is likely that all votes will need to be tallied in order to determine the winner. Although the state has already informed voters that we probably won't know the complete results on Tuesday night, this does not necessarily imply that there was any wrongdoing in the background.

Leigh Chapman, the acting secretary of state for Pennsylvania, claims that the delay is due to state regulations that prohibit mail-in ballots from being pre-processed before 7 a.m. on Election Day.


"When there are delays in counting, it doesn't mean anything nefarious is happening," Chapman said during a briefing. "It's just what the law is in Pennsylvania."

The majority of Pennsylvania's 67 counties should have their results tabulated on election night, but the more votes that were cast after Election Day, such as ballots from overseas military personnel, will need to be counted the closer the race is between Oz and Fetterman.

Additionally, there are provisional ballots that might be used. On election day, these ballots are marked so that county election officials can assess their eligibility.






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