Where Has President Biden Been? Mysterious Absence Revealed After 163 Days Away

It has recently been revealed that President Joe Biden has spent a whopping 163 days of his presidency at his home in Wilmington, Delaware. To put this in perspective, that is nearly half of the entire first three months of his term as President thus far.

While there may be many legitimate reasons why he chose to stay home so often during this time period, one can’t help but wonder what else might have been going on while he was away from the White House and back in Delaware.

The most concerning development is that Biden’s attorneys have uncovered classified documents stashed in the garage of his residence. It is unclear who placed these documents there or why they were hidden to begin with; however, it does raise questions about who had access to the property while Biden was away from Washington D.C., especially since five additional classified documents were discovered just last week alone. Given the secretive nature of these documents and their potential implications for national security, it is essential that a full investigation into who was visiting Biden’s house during this time period takes place immediately.

This troubling discovery brings up further questions about how much control the Secret Service has over visitors coming and going from the Vice President's residence when he is not present due to travel obligations or other engagements elsewhere. The Secret Service claims no visitor logs exist for those 163 days, which means anyone could have visited without being noticed by authorities.

This lack of oversight raises serious concerns regarding the security of our nation’s secrets and whether or not any potentially hostile actors may have gained access to confidential information during this time period due to lax protocol surrounding visitor management at the Vice President's residence.

Furthermore, it begs another question: What else could have happened while President Joe Biden was absent from Washington? Could foreign influences have infiltrated our government without detection? Did any illicit activities take place while he was gone? These are all important inquiries that must be answered if we are ever going to get an accurate depiction of what really occurred during those crucial 163 days when Joe Biden left Washington behind him and returned home to Wilmington instead (at least officially).

Joe Biden’s lengthy absence from Washington raises serious questions about who may have visited his home while he was gone and what they did while they were there; moreover, it also calls into question how secure our nation’s secrets truly are under his watchful eye if classified documents can go unnoticed for so long within close proximity of such an important figurehead like himself. We must demand answers quickly

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