Biden Goes Off the Rails During Hurricane Ian Rant

In an effort to show solidarity with the island in the wake of Hurricane Fiona, President Biden traveled to Puerto Rico on Monday. He stated that he was raised in the Puerto Rican community in Scranton, Pa. After looking up the population, Scranton has about 0% Puerto Rican residents. Just another one of “Sleepy Joe” crazy lies.

Below you can see the look of embarrassment on his wife’s face.

Biden visited the storm's destruction, chatted with authorities, and promised to continue providing $60 million in government funds to the 3.2 million-person U.S. territory.

"We have a very… large Puerto Rican population in Delaware," he said. "I was sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically. We came here for a long time as part of both business and pleasure. I'm committed to this island."

During his rant, he also disclosed many of the past failures by the federal government to support the island following natural disasters.

"You haven’t gotten the help in a timely way," he said, referring to 2017's Hurricane Maria. "We came here in person to show that we’re with you. All of America is with you."

Puerto Rican Gov. Pedro Pierluisi said he has requested Biden extend the disaster declaration in Puerto Rico, cover 100% of the cost to move debris, and provide other federal assistance.

"We want to be treated in the same way as our fellow Americans in the states in times of need," Pierluisi said. "We're confident that the president will heed our calls for equal treatment."

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