Things Get Messy After Massive Beer Spill On I-75

A truckload of Coors Light was strewn across Interstate 75 during an accident in Florida, Wednesday.

Florida Highway Patrol shared photos of the sudsy packages covering the roadways, along with the semi-trucks damaged in the incident. The scene unfolded when one semi hit another while changing lanes, causing both vehicles to come to a stop.

Two additional semi-trucks and a pick-up truck stopped behind the vehicle in the outside lane, then a fifth truck carrying the cases of Coors Light beer plowed into the row of stopped vehicles, troopers said.

Florida Highway Patrol shared a video of the crash on social media. Beer covered a significant portion of the interstate.

One of the trucks was carrying concrete, sending concrete and beers spilling out onto the road. There were no significant injuries in the pile-up, with just one driver reporting minor injuries.

The incident comes as rumors of an impending beer shortage sweep the nation, making a stressful year even worse. Breweries dependent on raw carbon dioxide from Jackson Dome are seeking out other sources of carbonation for their beers due to contamination at the site.

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