Fans Are Worried After Watching Post Malone Take Nasty Fall During Concert

Post Malone took a nasty fall during his concert Saturday and medics had to help him off stage, leaving stunned fans unsure if they should wait or leave.

The singer was halfway through his concert Saturday night in St. Louis at the Enterprise Center where he was performing "Circles," when he went down.

Post was walking down a ramp that extended onto the floor of the arena and everything would have been fine, but there was a hole in the floor that he’d used to lower his guitar and it hadn't been covered up.

He stepped into the hole and took a nasty fall, leaving him writhing in pain on the concert floor. Medics ran in to help him off the stage.

He asked fans to give him a few minutes to collect himself, but everyone was concerned for him and some doubted he would be able to return.

The singer returned to the stage 15 minutes later and performed "Rockstar" and "Cooped Up." Post was determined to continue even though he was in visible pain ... clutching his ribs as he sang.

Post thanked the crowd for hangin' in there and told them there was a "big-ass hole in the stage" and even apologized. He finished the show and even stayed after to sign autographs.

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