Judge DESTROYS Tyrese Gibson With Massive Child Support Order

The judge got hot during some of Tyrese Gibson's divorce proceedings -- specifically when Samantha's attorney questioned him about his finances, and Gibson got smart with him. Samantha's lawyer pointed out Gibson made more than $2 million in 2018, that same year he claimed to have been in financial ruin. Tyrese responded, "I don't do the CFO thing. Here's a question to you, smart person ..." But the judge cut him off with a quickness and shouted, "You don't ask questions! That's not how this works!!" He threatened to hold Gibson in contempt if he couldn’t control himself.

Gibson is officially single and will be heavily investing in his child's future, at least that's how the judge advised him to view the $10k he'll be paying in monthly child support.

Gibson’s courtroom battle with his estranged wife, Samantha Lee wrapped up Tuesday evening in Georgia with the judge ordering the actor to pay $10,690/month in child support for the couple's daughter Soraya.

The judge spoke directly to Gibson saying ... "This is not a punishment for you. Put that money where it belongs, in the child! The judge also advised Samantha and Tyrese not to bad mouth each other in front of Soraya -- and said Tyrese should be happy if his ex moves into a better house because it means a better standard of living for his daughter.

Tyrese is already paying $10,690/month in child support for his teenage daughter, Shayla, who lives in California with his ex-wife Norma Mitchell.

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