Friday, October 15 2021

Healthcare Company Will Keep Perfect Vaccination Rate No Matter How Many Employees They Have To Terminate

WAKE UP! GOP Governors Build A Comprehensive Plan For Biden To Tackle Border Crisis

Democrats Work To Make The Child Tax Credit Permanent Despite Little Support

Fauci Used Your Tax Money To Fund Disgusting Experiments Killing Puppies

Taiwan Sent Into A PANIC As Dozens Of Chinese War Planes Infiltrate Their Defense Zone

Trump Doesn’t See Gov. DeSantis As Competition In The 2024 Election

American Citizens Are The Ones Suffering From Biden’s Border Crisis

Senator Harassed And Recorded In Bathroom By Radical Leftist Mob

Fauci TELLS LIES About Migrants’ Role In Recent COVID Surge

Pelosi Begins To Panic And Pushes Vote Deadline To The End Of October

Trump Had Things Under Control But Biden’s Border Crisis Is Like A Bad Movie

Misguided Marriage Penalties In Dems New Bill Called In To Question